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Vedanta is a digital-first organisation using advanced technology to change its business models and provide value-adding opportunities that make the nation technologically intelligent and independent.


Tech Forward Approach




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Vedanta is committed to bring digital at the heart of growth by driving digital culture across the organization and embracing digital transformation for exceptional value delivery

Anil Agarwal

Chairman, Vedanta Group


Vedanta has the core potential, through its assets and people, to transform the mineral, metals, oil and gas mining sector by bringing in digital design thinking at scale thereby providing a boost to the economy at an unprecedented speed

Akarsh Hebbar

'Digital Alchemist'
Managing Director, AvanStrate Inc.

Digital-Driven Businesses

Vedanta’s digital-first approach and keen focus on advanced technologies has resulted in improved processes, strengthened cybersecurity, and easy access to information for effective decision making. In addition to the initiatives at the Group level, each of Vedanta's businesses has embarked on their own transformational journey towards digitalisation and innovation.

Digital Programs

On a mission to make technology easily accessible and accelerate the digital development of our country, Vedanta has launched projects that facilitate this growth.


Project Pratham

Project Pratham is Vedanta's group-wide digital transformation program. Genesis of this program is the Chairman's vision of transforming Vedanta Group into a truly digital-first organisation and making digital the new way of working.

The objective of the program is to deliver a combination of tangible value, in the form of an EBITDA increase in excess of $250 million per annum, and intangible gains such as zero harm through enhanced safety & security, zero waste, zero theft, better governance, prediction, and improved employee productivity.


Vedanta Spark

Vedanta Spark was launched with a vision to empower startups through financial support. It is a global corporate innovation and ventures program aimed at strategic innovation and investment initiatives such as joint technology and product development, commercial partnerships, equity investments, and strategic acquisitions with startups through open industrial innovation.

Through Vedanta Spark, the company is actively seeking out for cutting edge technical solutions to complement internal innovation efforts in key focus areas. The objective of this initiative is to partner with innovators, disruptors, and startups who can bring in cutting-edge technologies to solve Vedanta's challenges.


Think Digital

Tech-savvy individuals follow a set of behaviours that help in unlocking infinite possibilities. Vedanta's 'Think Digital' aims at activating a digital mindset through several initiatives such as Novel Digital Innovations, The Innovator's Journey, Digital Ninjas, and Digital Panel that help broaden the scope of digitalisation in the technology-advanced world.


Project Disha

Project Disha is Vedanta's effort to build a design-thinking led and user-centric group level dashboard/analytics platform (accessible on different devices) to gain visibility to data, information, and insights across the group. The purpose is to develop a user-centric productivity tool to accelerate decision making and make Vedanta a data-driven organisation from grass roots to leaf. In addition, this dashboard acts as a single source of truth for the management and sets a base for powerful data analytics going forward, through forecasting, what-if analysis, optimisation analysis, and various other analytics.

Digital Initiatives


V-Perform, a digital performance management system for an enhanced employee experience.


A new 'self-service' model for IT services to enable you to submit and track IT requests.

Finance Transformation

Enhancing the quality of business decisions using dashboards and Power BI with system automations and controls to enable a digital-first approach.

Unified HSE

A Complete standardized and uniform HSE and Sustainability platform for Vedanta Group.


V-Perform, a digital performance management system for an enhanced employee experience.

Digital Panel

Meet our digital leaders striving to create a digital impact on several industries with initiatives that encourage innovation and use of advanced technology for the greater good.


Akarsh Hebbar

MD, Avanstrate


Vineet Jaiswal

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Centre Of Excellence (CoE)


Phillip Campbell

Director Technical, Vedanta


Haresh Chawla

Partner, True North Co.


Vamshi Guntha

Founder & CEO, Propl Inventions


Vineet Jaiswal

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Centre Of Excellence (CoE)


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